Saturday, April 30, 2011

Prayer Letter

Dear Friends,

“Miss Helena, can I pray today?” asked Marson (one of my five year old boys) as we have just finished reading our Bible story and I usually end that time of our day with a prayer.

“Of course you may pray, Marson.” I answer, more than a little surprised. We all bow our heads and wait in expectancy. I am expecting Marson to pray in Portuguese.

“Dear Jesus, thank you for Miss Helena. Thank you for Honey, Thank

you for Kiara, Thank you for …” My heart is pounding as he prays entirely in English and thanks Jesus for each of his classmates! It was so thrilling! I wish that you all could have been there to see it personally. Since then several other students have been asking to pray and for the most part they each pray in English, sometimes it is a mix of English and Portuguese.

These last few weeks have been in

credibly busy and tiring but also incredibly

rewarding. The students are all making lots of growth and progress in their academic work, their language and also their personal growth. I have been blessed by having a friend and colleague who is a MAF Canada pilot come once a week to do a “Science Group” with my four boys who are doing the eighth grade. He goes over what the boys have read during the week and then they go out and do some experiments and experience the scienc

e. It has been wonderful for the boys because not only are they learning but they are also talking more and practicing their language skills. It is so thrilling to see how excited they are about what they are learning and applying it themselves.

At the beginning of March we were informed that we would most likely have to move from our classroom at ISTEL because they would be need it for a university that had requested it several years before but ha

dn’t started yet. So I spent the month trying to find other options and figure out another solution. Two days before the end of the month I receive a message from the director of ISTEL that says not to worry we can have the classroom until December! It was such a huge relief and an answer to prayer. However we are fast outgrowing our space so I am continuing to look for a new place and I am also discussing with the church leaders about maybe building a school. I would really appreciate your prayers as we seek the Lord’s guidance in this matter.

Looking Ahead…

Our biggest challenge is finding a new space by at least December.

Our goal is to finish our scholastic year by mid-August so the students have lots of work to do in order to reach this goal. Please pray for the students as they work hard to finish and that the Lord would continue to work in their lives.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support. It means so much to me and the students. I know that I could not be here doing what I am doing without you all.

In Him,

Helena Foster Fabiano


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